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The time is now!  - “Train For Your Life”
We have something for everyone, everybody. "You'll unleash yourself, fall in love with fitness, & change your life.
You'll sweat, you'll shout - but you'll leave feeling exhilarated.  And tomorrow you'll come back and do it all again!"


The end of July marks the 1yr anniversary of my training with Amanda.                                          
It has, and continues to be, an amazingly positive and uplifting experience to train with her.  She comes prepared for every single training session with a plan for that day.  Even when I had my elbow surgery she researched everything and was able to continue a modified training program even incorporating the exercises from my physical therapy.  I can come to her in any mood and be uplifted and relaxed when I leave.  Her humor and positive encouragement has produced results beyond my wildest imagining.  My new stats are:
31lbs lost
5 inches off my Bust
6.5 inches off of my Waist
5 inches off of my Hips
I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4 (yeah!  Whole new wardrobe!)
I have had so many people wanting to know what diet I have been on and I let them know it is the “Amanda Diet”.  The word of my new look has circulated and the compliments and feedback have been nothing but incredibly positive.  I have told everyone who as asked what/how did it and the answer is always with the help of “Amanda”.  One of my friends has had a trial training session with her and plans to sign up for training.sarahsarah 2
When I started with Amanda my goal was to be stronger and in better shape by the time I turned 65 years old, which is the end of this month, and I am so empowered by “our” accomplishments.   
It is hard for me to remember the difference in how I looked last year at this time vs. how I look this year until I ran across the two photos I am attaching.  One is from May 2015 and one from May 2016.  I once again feel that I own my body and it is the best feeling in the world.
Please take good care of Amanda as she is truly a treasure.  

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