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Generations at Home

Virtual Fitness Schedule

Just click on the link below at the 

time of the class to join!


Silver Sneaker with Steph-10:15

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Tara- 6:00pm


26 Sequence Yoga with Phyllis- 10:00am


Stick Mobility with Dr. Jim-9:00am

Silver Sneaker-10:15am


Chair Yoga with Fa Jun - 10:00am


Foundations Yoga with Fa Jun -10:30am



Stick Mobility with Dr. Jim-8:00am

Virtual Class Tips & Tricks

  • Join in the fun! See those gym friends you have been missing.  You can be social without leaving your home!

  • No gym equipment needed. Instructors will creatively use common household items for props.

  • We would love to see and hear all of you, but don't be scared, you can mute your audio and turn off video easily. You will still be able to hear and see the instructor.

  • We are working on music during our classes, but if your class does not have music please feel free to play your favorite music from home.

  • It is easiest and you have the most control if you use a computer but you still can use a phone or ipad, you will just need to download the Zoom APP first. On an ipad you will need to tap at the top of your screen to see the control bar. On a phone it should be on the bottom. If you click more and meeting settings, you can select "Always Show Meeting Tools" so the bar doesn't go away.

  • When you are logging on it would be great if you type in your whole name so we know who you are.

  • There is a Gallery view where you can see everyone that joined and a Speaker view that makes the teacher big.  During the instruction part of the class you will want Speaker view.  On a computer the button for this should be in the upper right.  On an ipad it will be on the upper left after you tap the top of your screen (.  On a phone you should just have to swipe right or left.

  • During the instruction time we will be automatically muting everyone.  If you need to communicate, find the chat box and we will help you through with that.

  • When you are joining at first: 1. It is good to say yes (if you are able) to camera and then you can stop showing as you join. 2. Say ok to microphone. 3. Make sure you say yes to use internet audio.

  • If you are having any connection issues please email us and we would love to help you troubleshoot.

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